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“8 Mile” is a drama telling the story of young rapper Jimmy Smith Junior, also called “B-Rabbit” and played by Eminem. He lives in a mobile home park in Warren, Michigan trying to make a career as a rapper in a scene dominated by African Americans in the year 1995. The title of the film derives from 8 Mile Road, which is a highway functioning as the border between black Detroit neighbourhoods characterized by a large population of African Americans and its mainly white upper class suburbs (Oakland and Macomb County). In his life Rabbit faces many struggles. He works as a blue collar in an automotive factory and grows up in a poor family surrounding, living with his alcoholic mother Stephanie, her aggressive boyfriend and his little Sister…show more content…
As Rabbit comes from the white side of the road there are many scenes in the film where he crosses the divider and enters into a territory that makes him become a minority. He is constantly fighting for acceptance in a community where he is believed to be an outsider. Rabbit expresses these struggles in the texts he raps and writes for himself, which indicates that urban issues can be displayed in culture. According to Zukin (131-132) it is possible to look at urban society through the arts and popular culture that emerged in a city as this is often influenced and characterized by social, economic and political conditions in the urban space. Zukin (131-132) states “in recent years culture has become a more explicit site of conflicts over social differences and urban fears.” In “8 Mile”, social struggles between the black and white communities are expressed but also the fear of becoming jobless and working class discontent. For instance, there is a scene in which Rabbit’s colleagues rap about their hard work: “[…] Man I’m so sick and tired of [dealing] with this steel, they only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch and chill, my body aching just to get a buck

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