Political Dynasty In The Philippines

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Clever words are used on that quote but, really, why does the government hates competitions? Do they really hate competitions or the competitors themselves? But the real thing here is this, the government doesn't want you to steal, because they want to be the only kin to burglarize the people blind. In short, corruption. The government hates theft because when you steal, you’re cutting in on their action! We, Filipinos, get the idea of what this quote means. With the kind of government that we have, we can actually see and feel that the government really hates competitions. An example for this is the so called “Political Dynasty” which is now a big contention here in our country. So, what is political dynasty and why is it an issue? Political family/dynasty is a consecution of rulers, leaders or officials who are in the same family and line. This has been an immense issue here in our country this past few years and for me, this is one of the reasons why our country is still in the “third world dimension.” Why did I say that this is a reason? Simply because the more family members that are a…show more content…
Often linked to problems like corruption, graft, and extortion, it has taken on a destructive role in our society. We see that the impact of political dynasties on development remains rather questionable. These political families have gathered enough properties and assets to assure that they will win in any election whether through the power of the family name or their "creative" electoral strategies. The phenomenon of political dynasties shows the absence of any real competition in politics because of the lopsided economic structure of inequality which allows few people to monopolize wealth and power. Political dynasties disfigure and makes fictitious democratic governance. Public office becomes an exclusive family franchise, a provider of more benefits to family

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