The Importance Of Ecological Solid Waste Solution

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Carl Sagan once said (1994), “Earth is the only planet so far known to harbor life. Like it or not, it is where we make our stand”. Carl’s quote is in deep correlation the World Resources Institute’s goal for sustainable development: climate action. As the world is constantly striving to innovate for the betterment of lives, the health of the planet should always be considered. According to the World Health Organization (2017), the planet’s health undermines access to safe water, adequate food, and clean air, exacerbating the approximately 12.6 million deaths each year that are caused by avoidable environmental risk factors. This implies that the planet is the provider of our basic necessities, therefore, if humans destroy it – they would die with it. One of the factors that deter the health of the planet is the irresponsible waste disposal of each person. Based on the Ecological Solid Waste Management act of the Philippine constitution (RA 9003), the country is dedicated to limiting decreasing solid waste production. However, the nation’s current state as the 3rd highest producer of plastic wastes is extremely alarming. The country’s lack of dumps for trash causes pollution too large for the population. This underscores the…show more content…
As soon as they reached their respondents, asking for permission to interview followed. The researchers asked questions regarding each families’ waste disposal routine. Based on the interview, all ten (10) families revealed that they dispose of their trash through means of burning. In addition, they claimed that there were no garbage collectors that visit the vicinity. This explains why they choose to burn their garbage instead. When asked about the ways they know how to protect the environment, most families are left speechless. In terms of trash bins, none are found in the area. Moreover, one family revealed that the scattered wastes around the community have contributed to flooding during heavy

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