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Night and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich both demonstrate the struggle for human dignity in prison camps. These novels inform the readers of the disturbing conditions, in which prisoners went through. They follow the life of Eliezer and Ivan Denisovich Shukhov during their time spent at the death camps. Although both of these stories occur at different places and by different groups of people, the torturing and horrendous conditions that existed were very similar. Living conditions were poor, working conditions were unbearable, and deaths were very common at the camps. The leaders of both camps completely destroy the dignity of the many human lives that are being held against their will. Although similar, the prison camps in which the…show more content…
The Holocaust is one of the largest mass killings ever known to history, but Alexander Solzenhenitsyn shows it is not the only one. Being the most significant novel to emerge from Soviet Russia, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich explains the terrors that occurred in the Russian labor camps located in Siberia. Both of these systems create experiences for the prisoners that many people could not even imagine possible. The officers in charge of the camps changed the prisoner’s names, took away things for the prisoners to remember their past, and stripped them of every possible memory of happiness. Inmates were treated inhumanely consisting of starvation, horrifying beatings, and unbearable living conditions. When the human body is put under such conditions, its only focus is on daily survival of itself, which is exactly what the leaders of the labor camps want. Although the prison camps from the Nazi’s and the Soviet’s were similar in ways of depleting humanity, the concentration camps that Eliezer and his family went through had much harsher circumstances, in which millions lost their

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