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Ask the Passengers By: A.S King The book Ask the Passengers is about a girl named Astrid Jones.She spends her time mostly outside on a picnic table watching airplanes fly over her. She tells them her secrets and stories about her life. She never expected for someone in the plane to find out her biggest secret. She thought that she didn’t know the passengers would judge her with her secrets. Astrid thought that she can’t share it with anyone else in her life.She thinks they won’t understand. She decides to talk to the passengers on the airplanes that fly by. One of the secrets was that she was pursuing a secret relationship with a girl,she is questioning her sexuality, and struggling to define herself with labels, no matter how much…show more content…
Through the book Astrid finds out that her best friend Kristina is dating the perfect high school boy,except she finds out that they aren’t actually dating each other it was just a cover because they are both gay.Astrid is the only one that knows and Astrid keeps her relationship with Dee a secret. Kristina finds out and is hurt that Astrid didn’t tell her earlier. She told Kristina not to tell anyone because she’s still trying to sort things out in her head before she can tell anyone. They went out and went to a gay bar and gets caught by the police. Now they are all the gossip going around the school.They are all outed,know everyone knows. So now they have to deal with their families, Kristina’s way of coping is to lie and say that it was all Astrid’s idea, that Astrid dragged her there. When it was completely the other way around. Astrid’s mother believes Kristina. Astrid, who was always sort of submissive in their friendship steps up and tells Kristina she’s being horrible. And they make up.Everything seems to be falling apart when they got outed at school. Dee has been outed for a while and is a bit pushy for the two of them to have sex while Astrid…show more content…
Can it exist if no one is perfect? Can nobody be perfect if perfection doesn’t exist? She stands up for herself in the face of gossip and homophobia at school. Astrid gets suspended for yelling “I’m FUCKING GAY!” in the hallway. The main character is Astrid she is a thoughtful,intelligent teenage girl, that is stuck in a small town.Kristina is Astrid's best friend,one of the most popular girls in Unity Valley, and a closet lesbian. While she pushes Astrid to be open about herself, she's more in love with the small-town limelight than she's let on. Justin is Astrid's other best friend and Kristina's beard boyfriend. He and Kristina try to involve Astrid in more activities. Dee is an open lesbian from another school district, she works with Astrid at a catering company and is love with her although she wants to get more physical than Astrid is comfortable with.Ellis is Astrids sister who has totally glommed on to small town life including the bigoted aspects. Astrids Mom is vain,superficial, gossip obsessed agoraphobe who cares more about what other people think than how her daughters feel. Astrid's Dad he is a loser deadbeat who's decided he'd rather "secretly" smoke

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