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Officers are always expected to maintain control, of themselves, bystanders at a crime scene and most importantly to victims, especially if the situation includes a victim of abuse by a police officer. When an officer arrives at a domestic violence call and realizes it involves another officer there are additional considerations that need to be addressed, especially if the fellow officers is from the same police department. This situation can be worse for a new police officer with little or no experience. Facing life or death situations on a daily basis fosters solidarity between police officers. However, when they are exposed to someone breaking the law they still need to do the right thing. When an officer sees a civilian drunk and…show more content…
According to Deputy Chief of Patrol, from the Chicago Police Department, “Responding officers are required to notify their supervisor whenever a cop is the alleged offender in a crime, the supervisor is usually the one who decides whether an arrest should be made. (Fagin, 2012) A police department that has drunk domestic violent offenders is not going to effectively serve the community, especially when they (the public) are a witness to the crime. Any thought of letting the offender go without being detained or arrested gives the public reason to question if police are treated differently than other citizens. An officer cannot change the way they do their job, just because it is another officer. They also need to remember they are being watched, the community needs to know whenever they call to report a crime it doesn’t go ignored, especially when it is a police officer committing a crime. According to the Boston Globe, “ A Civil Service Commission official wrote that he was dismayed to learn that the city gave higher points to applicants who said they wouldn’t arrest a family member or an officer they knew, while docking points from who said they would (Wallack,

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