Police Brutality

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The recent decline of race relations in America has not been shortcoming as there has been strings of cases over the decade from the Rodney King incident in Watts, Los Angeles to the Charleston church shootings in Virginia where there has been evidence of the strenuous black and white relations which has been on its road to amends since the emancipation of slavery. America has been on its road to redemption and change from a country whose economy was built on the backs of hardworking black free laborers (slaves), to an economy where every single race plays its part in its development. America has come a long way and deserve its credit, but there are still some strong issues that need to be addressed. The issue of police brutality has been a continuous and…show more content…
There have numerous cases over the past decade of policemen using excessive and deadly force against the people that they swore to defend and protect, and mostly these people that are been mistreated are people of color, mostly blacks (race of African origin). From the Eric Garner case to that of Michael Brown, these people were found to be minors with no evidence of weapon to harm anyone, whose lives were taken away by police officers who used excessive force and got away with it. With both of the cases, came an aftermath of public riots that further strained both the black/white relations and the trust in law enforcement. Recent polls held have shown that the ever-present incidents of police brutality has continually driven the race relations apart and according to NY Times, “Sixty-one percent of Americans now say race relations in this country are generally bad. That figure is up sharply from 44 percent after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown and the unrest that followed in Ferguson in August, and 43 percent in December”. In the same NY Times article, it was also found that “The poll

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