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Cathy Song The comparison between Picture Bride and The Grammar of Silk is both unique and admirable to a reader than can appreciate an in depth poem as well as a poem of mystery. Both poems are extremely overwhelming with gender classification as well as tradition that are assumed within her family. They both have strong representations of gender role but are different in that they take place within different generations. It is important during the comparison of the poems, to pay attention to her tone and wording throughout the two pieces of literature. With the two poems you are able to clearly identify the topic of the poems but they will leave you curious as to what stems from the stories. Picture Bride is a short poem about Cathy Song’s grandmother, and her blind journey to meet her husband that she has been apparently handed over to by either her parents or guardians. In her opening stanza the first piece of concern and research into her family’s history arises, “She was a year younger than I, Twenty-three when she left Korea” (Perkins, 100). This stanza is relatively important…show more content…
This is because it is coming from Cathy Song’s personal experience and recollection of her childhood. Cathy uses her childhood Saturday mornings as the topic for this poem, and it is even more descriptive than her poem, “Picture Bride”. The entire opening of the poem is her recalling the specific things about her sewing class as a child and she immediately uses metaphors to bring your sense into play. “The long tables where we sat and cut, pinned and stitched, the Singers’ companionable whirr, the crisp clever bite of scissors parting like silver fish a river of calico”(Song, 1990). She shows a pattern here in the two poems by offering imagery in order to reel in her reader. This could be necessary in her work because her fondest memories might be the motivation behind the

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