Play Vs Movie Twelfth Night

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The first I noticed is that every film interpretation of a play is just one person's "vision" of what that play should look like. The general task of the director is to to take the text on the page and make it come alive, because of this, it takes a number of choices that make every adaption very different from every other. In the film version, one of the most interesting parts is that Trevor Nunn create a situation of tension between Illyria and where Viola and Sebastian come from. There is a huge risk as Viola and the Captain hurry out of the sea and hide themselves as Orsino's military looks for them. In “The Dark Pleasure of Trevor Nunn’s Twelfth Night”, there are several scenes that have been modernized, “One figure who would not make sense in a 19th-century environment is a jester or a fool”. In the movie The Twelfth Night, Toby Stephens portrayal of the Duke of Orsino is far too superficial. Although this movie is hard to remodel, it still closely resembles a lot of what actually happened in the…show more content…
Feste starts as an outsider trying to find his way into Olivia's life, as the movie and play progress Festes grows as a person and even shows some compassion for Malvolio, although he seeked revenge on him afterwards some may say he is even part of the reason why he is the glue that held everything together. I think Feste is the character that grows the most throughout this whole play and shows a huge change in his character from the beginning to his character at the end. This movie ends with Malvolio leaving with his dignity in tact while Sir Toby and Maria are riding away as newlyweds. This film adaptation of one of Shakespeare's plays requires a much older audience while his other movies are usually more lively and are socially acceptable for a younger

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