Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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Plato, a philosopher who was once a student of socrates used his writing to illustrate his frustration involving the political conflicts within Athens. One of his most impactful works of literature “The Allegory of the Cave” is a short story this involves dialogue between his mentor socrates and brother Glaucon. As the two speak back and forth with one another plato uses their conversation to create the image of what the the ideal government really looks like. Socrates begins by instructing Glaucon to picture a cave deep underground occupied by prisoners. Prisoners chained by the feet and neck since early childhood, they’re only able to see whats infront of them. Along with the prisoners burns a fire from behind them, which helps create the…show more content…
Petyr is able to capture Ned’s trust early in the novel, as he takes him through the lies that are among the throne. When making Ned aware of the spies varys and cersei have larking about, littlefinger questions Ned on who he trust. Responding with the wrong answer Petyr advices Ned that he must not trust anyone. When Ned admits he should've never had distrust in petyr, littlefinger mockingly responds “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed down off your horse"( Kindle 250). By agreeing with his statement Petyr is able bate in Ned's trust. As he advises Ned not to trust in anyone, Petyr is actually hoping Ned sides with him as an ally to his plans. Playing both sides of the realm by helping Ned uncover the lies but also secretly working with the lannisters, petyr's shadows are revealed when Ned confronts cersei Publicly. Raising a blade to Ned's neck as he spoke “I did warn you not to trust me”(Kindle 510), Petyr would give Ned a lesson in playing the game of thrones. As Ned was able to uncover the truth involving the true heir to the throne it also is a problem for littlefinger. If Robert's brother stannis were to take over a king all of characteristics that make up petyr would conflict with stannis. As petyr was a man of lies and false smiles, stannis on the other hand was a man of…show more content…
Although we sit outside the cave and face the sun daily that doesn't mean we are free or even enlightened. We are able to create our own allegory thru such aspects of government and other media outlets, which represent our chains that constrain our thought and vision on reality. Unable to tell right from wrong we allow social media sites, the news, education, and or religion to cast shadows that lead us as people to believe what we hear and see. Plato talks of the escaped prisoner ideal way of living and says,”Better to be the poor servant of a poor master, and to endure anything, rather than think as they do and live after their manner?”(4). Plato is speaking of those whose have made the choice not to follow those of the cave no matter what royalties and riches it may bring. The power of knowledge even if you are poor is worth more and will lead down the path of enlightenment. In our society the same connection can be applied to those who chose to follow the news or not. Our current events spoken of during the news and written of in the newspaper hold bias and often put stereotypes on certain cultures. For example, those of muslim background are viewed as terrorist, which then leads to a gap our society due to hostile view on their culture and people. In Philippos Pouyioutas article written connecting Plato's Allegory to the

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