Plastic Bottled Water Research Paper

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Out With Plastic Water Bottles Water is a need in life, and many people don’t know the certain types of water that can be harmful to them. People that don’t drink tap water would rather drink plastic bottled water because they have always been convinced that tap water is dirty and should only be used for their productions. On the other hand, those that drink tap water, over plastic bottled water, have knowledge of the chemicals used in the production of plastic bottled waters. This dilemma between tap water and plastic bottled water has been a controversial issue to people for many years now. People have the right to know what is in their water and where their water comes from, so we need to investigate the production of plastic bottled waters, and understand which water supply is the most dangerous for humans.…show more content…
But should people think twice before picking up a bottled water? Well, according to a study found in an article, “Bottled Water,” by the Natural Resources Defense Council says, “chemicals called phthalates, which are known to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time” (par. 3). People wouldn’t suspect bottled waters effecting them in any way because they pay for them. However, plastic bottled water is convenient in some cases because it is easily portable, but at the same time it is harmful because its contained in a bottled made out of chemicals. The plastic bottled waters sold at the convenient stores are harmful for humans, so companies need to change their containers into glass or something that isn’t dangerous for humans to drink out

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