Blu Cantrell Interpretation

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Many interpretations can be driven from a single song. Countless artist remake songs to bring out their creativity and skills, many times altering the original meaning, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Several times the cover cannot compete with the original song adding even more importance on the original. The R&B song released in 2001 “Hit Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell is a powerful anthem to women about revenge to unfaithful men. In a cover, The Caroline Chocolate Drops presented the identical song with a diverse meaning. The song is no longer powerful and upbeat, but instead it sounds like a heartbreaking dairy. Vocal arrangements, style, and instrumentals can strongly influence the perceptions of a song to create a new meaning.…show more content…
Various background vocals surround Cantrell as she sings the main lyrics, creating a sense of unity between women and the hate for unfaithful men. Connecting to the aggression from the background vocals, the listener feels empowered and encouraged to overcome the hurt. The background vocals are a support system to Cantrell that eventually turns into the support system of the listener. Cantrell demonstrates how to survive and overcome a hurtful relationship. On the contrary Caroline Chocolate Drops’s version only has one voice, although strong, Rhiannon Gidden does not have the same effect on her listeners. By having one voice the song expresses Gidden’s experience and pain without resolution, which less effectively connects with the audience’s emotions. Instead of bringing a powerful message to prevail and move forward it just explains a painful experience. Both versions have the same pain and frustration but unlike Cantrell’s original it does not turn the pain into vengeance, which makes this cover less inspiring to the…show more content…
In both versions the same lyrics are sung however Cantrell adds a sense of bitterness which is a complete contrast to Gidden’s sorrow filled words. The lyric “All the dreams you sold, left me out in the cold…To get 'em back without me, Cuz a marriage is better than money you see” explains the pain of losing a relationship and future with someone. As Cantrell sings the lyric you sense the pain of losing the relationship but she quickly turns the unfaithfulness of a man into rage, reminding herself she is irreplaceable. During verses with a slow tempo Cantrell adds emphasis on her pain then swiftly comes back with a strong attitude, which makes her purpose to push through pain and move on more endearing; embodying her strength as a

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