Rite Aid Social Responsibility Study

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Rite Aid social responsibilities department finds out that according to a corporate social responsibility rating website www.csrhub.com, Rite Aid average rate for community service is 49, where the other company’s average rate is 55 (CSRHUB 2008-2014). Now the main ambition of Rite Aid is to improve Social responsibilities rate. As a co. employee I have researched about the community around rite aid headquarter and found that a major threat of this community is drug addiction, which is affecting the young generation mostly. I am recommending that we will develop a after-school program that would help the community to overcome drug problem around the headquarter and spread the company’s mission “Improve the Health and Wellness of our Communities.”…show more content…
A note by Whitehouse “PENNSYLVANIA DRUG CONTROL UPDATE,” emphasizes on supporting education to reduce drug abuse (2007). Rite Aid can play a great rule to educate the students and parents as well. The entire pharmacists in Rite Aid are well educated (Bachelor's degree (BS), Doctoral degree (PHARM.D.), or equivalent in Pharmacy, and Immunization Certification through an accredited organization (i.e. APhA) who have great knowledge about the terrible consequence of drug…show more content…
This kind of after school program will not only help to the students to be aware of the drug abuse but also help the company in some aspect. Student will be notified about the bad affect of drug abuse while performing drama. It would be a great opportunity for the students to meet with the pharmacists face to face where they can ask any kind of health related questions. This program will also help them to show their talent on stage performance. On the company side this program will help the company to know people’s thoughts and expectation about Rite Aid. It will also create positive thoughts to the young generation about Rite Aid, which will help to make some future customer. Our pharmacists will get to know more people in the community who may turn into customer of us later. Moreover the local community will admire our company for such a great work. Ultimately it will improve the company’s community

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