Summary Of Sancha In 'The Kite Runner'

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Protagonists Sancha: Sancha is the female lead character of the story. Her red lips, dark eyes, her lithe figure and voluptuous contours exude infinite charisma. She was the daughter of the Duke of Kordava, being captured by Zaporavo during a raid and forced to become his possession. Sancha had developed from a spoiled and petted girl to a tough and optimistic women. Despite adverse environment, she managed to survive under Zaporavo’s rule learns to compromise and seeks happiness through survival. As the plot line goes, Sancha slowly became attached to Conan by his manliness. Sancha is portrayed in the story as a stereotype of woman character, who appears to be attractive, gets rescued by the hero and fallen in love with the protagonist.…show more content…
As he punched a crew member and broke his nose, Conan underscore his power and confidence. Unlike other stories, Conan often portrayed as manly but unclever. In this story, he showed his witness by first mix in the crowd to gain support of the fellowships while hid his ambitious plan of taking over Zaporavo’s power. Later in the story he had fearlessly fought against the evil creatures and showed his valiant fighting spirit. Antagonists, : Antagonists, : Zaporavo, referred as Hawk, is the master of the carack. He is arrogant and conceited, speaking to Conan in an insulting manner. Zaporavo appears to be as a tyrant that the crew members are afraid to provoke any queries. He is described as tall as Conan, wearing steel morion and richly decorated armour and garments. Black men: The evil black men first appeared as vague black figure with rounded shoulders. After a closed look, they are rangy, manlike naked creatures that is described in the story as symmetry of body and limbs, ebon skin, rounded muscle rippled.” Their sharp talons are venerable weapons. The leader of the crowd of black men, who tortured the one of the crew member, is taller than average and has jewelled hand band. He tawny eyes with golden glows emphasized his evil appearance. At the rear part of the story, as Conan defeated him, it fell into the pool with an inhuman cry, turned into green waters and rose

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