Physics Of A Roller Coaster Essay

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The Unknown about Roller Coasters Amusement Parks consist of thrilling rides that definitely catch people’s attention and the main reason people go to them because of the rush they get from the roller coasters. Roller coasters have always been something that people enjoy getting on, and for that reason there are hundreds of amusement parks all around the world. Thousands of people pay a lot of money on going to amusement parks to get the thrill of a life time, but many don’t know that these rides are made using strictly physics concepts. Throughout life many of us can say that we have either been on a roller coaster or have seen one in action. Although we have all been close to a roller coaster, many people don’t know how they are related…show more content…
Also it will help me understand the concepts I have learned in class because I can use them in a real life example. With the research I will conduct about roller coasters I will learn about what physics concepts that we have discussed in class are related to roller coasters and how they come together to make them work. There are many things you can learn about physics when you look at roller coaster which is why I decide to research this topic. The main physics concepts used in rollercoasters are gravity, potential and kinetic energy, acceleration, friction, mass, and speed. Some additional physics concepts are pressure, optics, magnetism, and electricity. Pretty much all of the things we have learned in Physics class are connected to how roller coasters work. Not only do they have a huge connection to how they work overall but they also have a lot to do with the safety precautions that are used to prevent any accidents from happening. Physics is the main component when it comes to roller coasters, and in order to have the most thrilling ride ever there has to be some major physics components. Most of the concepts we have learned in physics class are connected to how a roller coaster is able to do all of

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