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Since the mid 1980’s HIV/AIDS campaigns have been seen all around the world to raise awareness. They even had subliminal messages in modern movies and TV Shows like “Booty Call” and “A Different World” to bring light to the unknown dangers of HIV/AIDS to the younger community. However, now it seems like the society lacks empathy on sexual explicitness and sexualizing of men and women, who makes it okay to make a mockery of diseases like HIV/AIDS. Kenneth Cole's "We are all potential carriers" ad is a prime example of how desensitized we have become to illness and other political controversies because he uses this medical phrase as a slogan to promote his bag and also raise awareness. Although most people may not find the ad directly offensive towards people who have HIV/AIDS, it is extremely inappropriate for the famous designer to compare the disease epidemic to a trendy purse.…show more content…
Kenneth Cole is a famous American designer who makes clothing of trending styles. He is most popular for his shoes and purses/handbags. He has multiple lines selling different clothing, jewelry and fragrances. While looking through some of his ads one of his purse advertisements stuck out tremendously. The image is in black and white and has a young Caucasian woman in a pair of shorts and an open top, holding a Kenneth Cole purse. Across the picture the quote says, “We are all potential carriers,” At first glance that quote may not raise any eyebrows, unaware that this phrase is often used when referencing the HIV/AIDS

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