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Since there are so many physics related concepts in roller coasters, we can’t just know that they exist, we have to be able to calculate them in order to actually build the roller coaster. Engineers don’t just think about a plan for a roller coasters and it appears, they have to calculate a tremendous amount of concepts in order for the roller coaster to come to life to enjoy. For every physics concepts that I listed above, there is a formula to calculate it in order to do something with it. We can calculate work, potential and kinetic energy, inertia, momentum, acceleration and speed, and all of these calculations are used in order to make the roller coaster work in the ways that make it amusing for everyone. Also there are many concepts that are…show more content…
Some of the other major concepts of a roller coaster is potential and kinetic energy which consists of the highest and lowest point of the ride, and also, there are very important scientific laws, for example Newton’s First Law and Newton’s Second law of motion. The potential energy also has a huge relation to the roller coasters, the potential energy is dependent on the mass of the object and the height of the roller coaster. The roller coaster has the highest amount of potential energy when it reaches the highest point of the ride. Kinetic Energy is also related to roller coaster because it’s connected to the potential energy, when the roller coaster drops down it loses height which means that it loses potential energy and it gains Kinetic energy. Newton’s first and second law of motion also have a huge relation to roller coasters, Newton’s First law of motion which is also known as inertia, is related because the roller coaster will stay in motion until its acted upon by an outside force. During the ride, the car is going forward and it will keep going forward until the brakes are applied. Newton’s Second law applies to the roller coasters as the acceleration can rapidly increase and change the

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