Phoenix Jackson Hero

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Phoenix Jackson in nearly every single way, shape, and form a hero with a few slight exceptions to a couple of rules. Everything from the basis of her adventure to her weaknesses and even going into a darkness and returning better. Using Stillman’s rules it is proven she is a hero. From the start of the myth her head strong actions and way of thinking show how much of a hero she can be along with why she is going on the quest in the first place. Phoenix is going to get medicine for her “little grandson, he sit up , waiting by himself”(53). A few years back her grandson ate lye burning his entire throat, making life very hard, he is in constant pain. Because of this Phoenix make a trip to the far away city to get some medicine for her little grandson. Her doing this is one of the first signs of her being a perfect fit for the hero’s, archetype as it is a perfect example of a “perilous journey”. She risks her life being how old she is to save her helpless grandson, which is one of the most brave and noble things a person can do for another person.…show more content…
She is faced with one specific weakness and that is her age and the loss of her memory because of it. As she is explaining to the nurse why she is here she stops and sits silently and then the author narrates “At last there came a flicker and then a flame of comprehension across her face”(53) Showing her fading memory. This does not only show a challenge itself, it also shows how old Phoenix actually is and how monumental her quest really was. She has to travel all the way to the city in the middle of December with her age barring down her like a massive weight on her back, and at any moment while walking she could have forgotten everything and ended up walking home without the vital
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