Phoenix Jackson Hero

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Akilah Waller Cederquist Per:4 Is Phoenix Jackson a Hero? In mythology there are many archetypes of a hero. The hero of the story goes on a long journey with an end goal. Along the journey the hero has many obstacles to overcome. Typically in mythology the hero is a male and he learns about himself and who he truly is. In A Worn Path by Eudora Welty, Phoenix Jackson is a female hero. Phoenix Jackson is a hero because she does follows some the hallmarks of the hero quest tale, according to Introduction of Myth by Peter Stillman. Phoenix is a hero because her path is beset with dangers, she descends into darkness, and she is from obscure and mysterious origin. Like many…show more content…
The descent is the climax of the story and it changes the hero is some way.The descent into darkness is a metaphor for death and rebirth. Phoenix’s descent into darkness happens when she is pushed into the ditch. After falling “ down there, her senses drifted away. A dream visited her, and she reached her hand up, but nothing reached down and gave her a pull.” (pg.50). The change that occurs while Phoenix is in the ditch does not affect her immediately. In the moment she is still herself and plays the stereotypical role of a black person in that time. Later in the story when Phoenix does reach the doctor's office is when her change takes place. The whole time her end goal was very clear to her but when the receptionist is asking what she needs Phoenix does not reply because she can’t remember. This is Phoenix’s symbolic moment of death because she walks the same worn path and knows that she needs to get the medicine for her grandson. Once she remembers her purpose is her rebirth, because now her way is clear again. The descent into darkness is an important part of a hero quest tale because it is the renewal of life and it usually helps the hero discover his true
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