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Facts First and foremost, gaming business are legal entities that had been approved by President Marcos under the Presidential Decree no. 1067-A. This decree primarily talks about “Creating the Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corporation, Defining its Powers and Functions, Providing Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes”. Under this decree, the government wishes to attract more foreigners to help increase the country’s foreign-exchange incomes and its economic status, as the law states: “WHEREAS, to complement the development of the tourist industry in the Philippines which has become one of the country’s leading foreign-exchange earners, there is likewise a need to provide for more amusement and recreation places that can serve as additional tourist attractions for foreign visitors;” Casinos, being one of the amusement and recreation places mentioned in the law, are considered and approved to be legal businesses in the Philippines. In a sense, it had really served its purpose. The casinos had become one of the reasons why some foreigners visit our country. It was mentioned in The Philippine Star issued on May 18,…show more content…
It was stated in news on Interaksyon, News5 that according to Randy Dellosa, a psychiatrist, “Gambling addiction is very common, although we tend to consider it as a hidden addiction, just because most people don’t actually seek help for it. It’s one of the more challenging addictions, because, unlike drugs or alcohol, the effect of which is quite obvious and dramatic, with gambling, addicts just disappear and stay in casinos.” In addition to that, he also mentioned that there are only few data regarding gambling addition because there are only a few reported incidents about it. Regardless, this addiction must be considered as dangerous because it can actually cause consequences on the life of the individual and the people around

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