A Conservationist Manifesto Analysis

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In A Conservationist Manifesto, Scott Russell Sanders discusses his beliefs on how one can live a more satisfying and enjoyable life. More specifically, Sanders explains this lifestyle to be more beneficial for yourself as well as improving America’s problems of consuming, building a sense of community, helping the environment and appreciating nature. He argues that settling roots in a community and becoming involved are essential to live a pleasurable life. Living simply and modestly is the best way while absorbing the natural spaces around you for what they are and using them as a way to relax rather than replacing with with more shopping centers. His intentions are to persuade the reader and hopefully change their way of living to resemble…show more content…
According to Professor Patrick Devine-Wright, “There's an expectation in our society that you'll grow up, buy a house, get a mortgage, and jump through all the financial hoops that home ownership entails” (The Atlantic). In other words, settling down is not something that needs to happen during the span of someone’s life. This idea of finding one home is a stereotype. By not having a fix home, other experiences and pleasures can come that commitment cannot grant. Unless you are put into a specific situation, settling to only one place and making it a home plays onto priority. When Sanders first became a father, his entire outlook on life changed (Sander 110). All through this chapter, Sanders makes cases for why putting down roots would be beneficial. But would Sanders have settled for his home in Bloomington if his wife did not get pregnant? I doubt that. It was until his priorities changed until he finally became interested in the community or what is around him. His friends even encouraged him to move to places like New York for his career and opportunities but he choose a different route to pursue (Sanders 114). His son moved to the city based on graduate school and continues to live there with his wife based on their professional lives, not because of the community. Even if community was a factor, city life is more fast past and is not a small town to plant roots in or get involved with neighbors like Bloomington. Also, is buying a house as reasonable as it used to be? My father was a first time home owner by the age of 34 but he had been working since the age of 16 and only went to school for an associates degree. My oldest brother on the other hand is 27 and still in school but he is in debt. My dad was able to buy a home when houses were not as expensive, a period of time where a college

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