Jack Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Essay

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In every civilization exists a power struggle between what is morally righteous and the disagreeable reality that exists. This has been represented through the ages as the battle of good versus evil. This battle is present in even the most primitive and innocent societies. On the island in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, this prominent fight is present among the young boys and is used to convey abstruse truths about human nature. Through the boys’ descent into savagery, an instance when evil prevails, it is revealed that humanity's apparent attraction to what is good merely serves as a curtain to their true desire for cruelty. On the island, Jack, the manifestation of this evil, arises as the supreme leader. The fact that Jack…show more content…
These wants are not for the long-term, common good of the group of boys, rather uncontrollable impulses he has. Jack’s violence-dependency is reliant on instant gratification, providing him with great motivation. Made most evident while hunting, Jack’s desire for violence is extremely blatant when it is detailed that while following a pig, he is “wedded to her in lust, excited by the long chase and dropped blood” (Golding 135). As he is not deterred by violence and actually finds pleasure in it, Jack already has the cruel ferocity necessary to be efficient. Viciousness of course is not possible to act upon without a viewpoint of another as inferior, which Jack possesses. Through his sense of entitlement, Jack’s desire for control is revealed in his argument to be chief when he explains, “ ‘I ought to be chief,’ [says] Jack with simple arrogance, ‘because I’m chapter chorister and head boy’ ” (Golding 22). With a narcissistic mindset, Jack further fuels his drive to achieve his egocentric needs. He combines his needs for violence and control in using one to obtain the other. Through Jack’s yearning for leadership, Golding displays that the leader with the most willpower and ambition will emerge superior, as observed in governments

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