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*Try to remember as much information as possible. The film will be written based on the answers you give me. Tri 2 I have study hall period 8. I will be checking in/sending script scenes to you to see if the dialogue/representation of what really occurred looks good to you! I'm truly honored to be doing this project with you and am very excited!!! * When and where did you find out that you were named Mr. Hockey? What went through your mind? What went through your mind every time you went on the ice to play a game? Did you have any rituals you performed before practice or a game? When, where, and how did you meet your wife? What would a normal day for you be like while you played for the Toronto Maple Leafs as well as the MN Golden Gophers?…show more content…
How did that person react? How did your wife react when you decided to quit? When you quit, did it feel like a big weight was lifted off of you. If not, then what did you feel? Did you have a plan on what you were going to do after quitting hockey? Where did you go to college to get your teaching degree? Did you know what you wanted to teach at that time? What made you decide to choose business? Have your daughters made you change they way you act today (when making decisions or the way you act around the house. When I say, "made you change", I mean mentally)? Do you remember what you were feeling or thinking on your first day at C-DH? What makes you different than the other teachers at C-DH? What is it like having both you and your wife coach the girls hockey team? Why did you choose girls hockey over boys hockey? Go through what you usually do on a normal day during hockey season and on a normal day not during hockey season. When, how, and where did you receive the news that you'd be a dad? What are a few scary moments that have occurred in your life in the past 10 years that truly freaked you out? Not scary as in haunted houses or scary

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