Comparing Henrik Ibsen's Trifles And A Doll House

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The play trifles and a Doll house portray the role and life of a married woman in a male Dominated society in the nineteen century. Mrs Nora Helmer is introduced to the riders as a well maintained middle class woman loved by her husband. In Contrast Mrs Minnie Wright wwas introduced as a mistreated poor woman that was bused by her husband. Although they have different lifestyle Nora and Mrs wright share some similarities, when it comes to over stepping the foundering to gain independence. Norta helmer is a social butterfly, she comes from a middle class society and its loved and Pamperd by her husband Torvald. Her Husband places her on a pedestal as if she was a doll and in response and to please her husband Nora states “ill do anything for you Torvald ill sing for you, dance for you”(Ibsen1267). Nora will even act like a child , she…show more content…
Mr wright would not even put up a party telephone because he didn't want to have any communication he thought “folks talked to much anyway and all he wanted was peace and quiet”( glaspell1039). Mrs wright poor isolated life style made her fell depress, and sad. Mrs wright felt trapped in her marriage with none to talk and no way out. She felt that after all these years of Mr wright oppression and abuse the only way out of her tortured married was to murder her husband. Lastly Nora and Mrs wright share some similarity, when it comes to living in male dominated society. They both had to sacrifice in order to obtain freedom from their husband . they booth took steps to end the oppression, when it came to their marriage and how there husband perceived them. In a doll house Nora was look at as a doll a thing that cannot make decisions for herself. In Trifles Mr Wright looks at Mrs wright as and object that belong to him and was there to serve him only. Both Nora and Mrs wright took steps to regain their

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