Into The Wild Soundtrack Essay

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Within film and television, soundtracks are used to establish the mood and sometimes provide insight on their protagonists during scenes. They can create fear, joy, paranoia for the audience and completely immerse them within the film they were watching. In ‘Into the Wild,’ (Sean Penn, 2007) the soundtrack communicates the adventure within Chris’ journey as he travels to Alaska and in ‘American History X,’ (Tony Kaye, 1998) the soundtrack plays on the fear of the audience, slowly turning their hatred of the protagonists to understanding them. In ‘Road to Perdition,’ (Sam Mendes, 2002) the soundtrack establishes the loyalty between characters and the heartbreak and distrust increasing throughout the film. The music underscoring the reality of the characters feelings and subtly revealing what could be in the future of the characters. In ‘Into the Wild,’ (Sean Penn, 2007) Chris’ journey and physical appearance establishes he is a loner in the opening. The soundtrack creates a sensation of mystery and a gloomy background from the very beginning. Because of the dangerous nature of his journey and his mother’s concern for him, it is revealed that something might happen to Chris and that he will be spending most of his time in Alaska.…show more content…
The flow of the music is steady, pleasing to the ears as they weave the sad tune into the storyline. Alfred Newman creates a connection by linking various scenes and repeats the theme of loss and destruction throughout the film. The scene were Finn was killed in the warehouse, the music is extremely foreboding. Michael Jr witnesses the murder and the ensuing gunfight between the mobsters, communicating to the audience the fear the he is experiencing. Newman used many styles from his quirky scores into a larger orchestral scope for ‘Road to Perdition,’ taking both and turning them into something much broader and

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