Persuasive Speech About Sex

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It’s the end of the great date with a girl you like. This might happen after a first date, but it will usually be a further one, that you’ll feel ready to take a step on move to a more intimate, sexual phase in your relationship. Having sex is perfectly natural for men and women, and women want it as much as men do – and there are plenty of studies proving this statement. On the other hand, women indeed tend to resist and try postponing their first time of having sex with a guy. This often happens because a woman will always have this fear of being seen as a “slut”. Not just by you, but also by her friends. Anyhow, if a girl likes you and feels attracted to you, she’ll want to have sex too. In this post, I’ll provide you with several useful tips on how to make her comfortable getting into bed with you.Never Be Direct About Sex…show more content…
She might even be horny as hell, but still resist having sex with you. We can compare it to the fear of approaching women that men suffer from. Even if you really want to meet a girl, you’ll still be afraid to approach her. The same happens to women, when they hear the word “sex” or getting into bed, their inner alarm makes them antagonistic about it. Even if you believe in being direct in general, never tell a girl that you are going to have sex tonight. Never.Find an Excuse to Come to Your Place It’s not only you who needs an excuse. It’s her who needs an excuse for herself and for her friends. She wants to tell her friends: “I had a great date with this guy, I really like him, so than we went to his place to check his collection of modern art. And then, somehow things happened between us”. So when you’re asking her to come to your place, find a sophisticated excuse. To see something, to do something, and the less “sexual” it sounds, the

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