Persuasive Essay On Vacations

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To make your vacation cool, try these Apps Everyone is leading a stressful life, their work life demands a lot from them. A peaceful and happy life has become days of past. Most of us are living mechanical and sedentary lives. Once in a while, we feel like taking a break and go on a vacation. A long trip within India or foreign countries will help us to let loose and become stress free. Traveling and exploring is always an adventurous task. Going on trips with our family or friends is completely a different kind of experience. It is the holiday season; it is the right time to go on a vacation. So, Why to wait? Just Start the trip and explore the beauty of the nature and the existence. To make the travel easier and comfortable…show more content…
It allows the users to search for and find exclusive accommodations across the globe, from mom-and pop B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast) for a night, to a small apartment for a week, or even a castle for a month. This unique app covers a range of prices in more than thirty four thousand cities across almost two hundred countries. Airbnb receives percentage service fees from both consumer and hosts for every booking made in this platform. It is compatible for both the iPhone and Android users. Uber: This is one of the transportation apps that the customer can request a car and inform the driver about the source and destination place if he/ she know the details or by dropping a pin on a map. The data provided by the Uber app makes both the driver and the passenger to catch each other. The drivers do not have that much of navigation knowledge. Most of the Uber drivers have not undergone training in navigation and depends on GPS systems. Instead of using Google maps, the Uber itself provides the inbuilt map. This ride sharing app is an efficient and cheaper one and it is categorized as a point to point service. Uber offers service more than fifty countries. This app is compatible for both Android and iPhone

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