Persuasive Essay On Team Sports

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"Let's go team, let's go!" says both crowds at a packed stadium. Sport rivalries are huge in all kinds of places. For an example, Kentucky VS University of Louisville or Madrid VS Barcelona. Even small towns have sport team rivalries. Here in the city of Campbellsville, every year for almost every team sport, people make a huge deal when going against the town rivalry, Taylor County. At Campbellsville High School when going against Taylor County, there is always a huge pep-rally that takes place in the gym towards the end of the day before the big game. Is there an actual purpose that does good in having these huge pep-rallies? Most people do not consider the point of view for the players when it comes to going against the rivalries. Schools and Universities should not make a huge deal over town/state rivalries because these small games do not get the players into state, puts on a lot of pressure on the players and coaches, and it causes too many fights…show more content…
Any sport team loves to brag over a huge win like a team rivalry, but what happens to the team that loses? Does the winning team automatically enter into the state game and the other team gets no chance at all? Games do not work like that unless they are games that help the team qualify into the next round like regionals to semi-finals. An example of how small wins do not get you into bigger events happened to myself during marching band season. During the season at competitions, Campbellsville's and always beat Cumberland County's band. Does this mean Campbellsville band had a shot to go to semi-finals and Cumberland County did not? No, because at regionals, Cumberland County beat the Campbellsville band which knock out Campbellsville's band for competing in semi-finals for class 1A. This shows you that all the small wins do matter, but they are not what is counted in the

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