My Ambition In Life

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After high school I had the worst two years of my life. Many of my friends received study financing to further their studies. Those that stayed were lucky to get hired for a job. I felt like the only one that God had forgotten. There were times when my friend’s parents or a family member would ask “so what are you doing now?” I felt ashamed to say that I was just at home. I began to do some soul searching and asked myself what are my ambitions in life? I know education is definitely the key to a successful future. As I sat home, I thought about my past, present, and future goals. It was mandatory that I did my GED to get accepted at the University of St. Martin and to receive study financing. Without knowing if I will receive financing, I…show more content…
I would like to own multiple homes all over the world so I won’t have to stay in a hotel. Homes with a view of the beach, or of nature will comfort me after having a long day at an office. Not only owning nice homes, but to be able to give back. To give back to those who did not get an opportunity to attend to school because they were forced to work at an early age. I see myself becoming an intelligent entrepreneur with developed leadership skills. I will have enterprises worldwide that will benefit society. I want to be a person of clear understandings of others. I want to be known as a person who anyone can rely on, especially the youth. There is a huge part of my heart to be a motivator and encourager to them. Then of course I would put a hold on traveling and being business minded to focus on building a family. To build a home that is filled with peace, happiness, joy, love, and laughter. We will have our disagreements at times, but I want us to be able to talk it out. That will eventually develop a family bond. Whatever the situations may be, I want my family to be able to speak to me about
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