Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power Plant

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We know some terrible accidents were caused by nuclear energy, like Fukushima. Nuclear power plants emit energy by uranium’s chemical breakdown, which emits heat, and it makes water run faster in the pipes, which makes the turbine moving. In the 1940’s, from then there were several minor accidents like Fukushima in 2011, or Chernobyl in 1986. On the news, they said that the power plant emitted high amounts of radiations, so that whoever was in that place was not able to return to their home for a while. But is it really dangerous? Nuclear power plant is good for the environment, it generates humongous amount of electricity, and it’s safe. You might think that nuclear power plant is polluted, and dirty, but that is one of stereotypes you…show more content…
According to Sustainable News Japan, nuclear power plant’s kilowatt hour/yen rank the lowest. KWh/Yen is how much money is worth generating one kilowatt. According to Nuclear Energy Institute, there are 450 nuclear reactors in 30 countries. There are many reactors still operating, I think we should grab a chance and fully operate all the nuclear power plant, in order to generate large and cheap electricity. Monja Nuclear Power Plant, located in Fukui, Japan is currently not working. 28,000kwh was able to generate in Monja Nuclear Power Plant. According to National Wind Watch, average 2.5 MW type wind turbine can only produce about 375 kW/h. I calculated the number, and 28,000 kilowatts is equal to 2800000000 volts. You can use 28000000 electric devices that is plugged in to an outlet. (Tokyo Electric). It can produce large amount of power with just an hour of generating power with just one reactor. Imagine there is 450 reactors in the world, which means they can use 126000000 electric devices that is plugged in to an outlet. That is insane. From these evidence, we can see the nuclear power plant is absolutely cost efficient, and power

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