Persuasive Essay On Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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I’ve heard you ordered the use of the atomic bombs against Japan. After you’ve found out the Manhattan project had been successful, I know you had to make a decision to move forward with it or not. At first you and the Allies put out a demand for an immediate unconditional surrender, but Japan had refused. So since Japan had refused, you made a hard decision to drop the atomic bomb and put an end to the long four years of war with Japan. I understand why you strongly want to drop the bomb; however, for my sincere advice to you, I strongly suggest you don’t. Dropping to atomic bomb on Japan can lead to many disadvantages. For instance, when other countries realize that America had help this type of power, they will began the race to develop their own. Thousands of innocent Japanese people will die from the impact of this bomb and millions more will be affected by the residual radiation. Japan will be close to surrender anyways, and dropping the bomb will definitely insult in a major way. Most of all, it will forever create a great amount of animosity and anger between the two nations, that will exist for many years to come. Overall, the use of the atomic bomb is not justified because along with many others, we believe…show more content…
Anti-Japanese racism in American Society targeted the Japanese as race of people and demonstrated a level of hatred comparable with the Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda. The Japanese would be universally stereotyped. This will lead to the Japanese immigrants not being able to find jobs, and the immigrant children being isolated in schools, as Americans were rounded up, denied of their basic liberties and rights, and they might be sent to isolation camps in the deserts. Nothing to this scale was done to the Germans in WW1, where there were millions of Germans living in the U.S and the Americans were viewed as Japanese as threats not because of political education, but because of their

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