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Designer babies is the term use for babies whose genes were selected to prevent diseases or a certain gene is present. I am against designer babies because it can cause some health problems to the babies and even though it may reduce the risk of them having genetic disease it will affect them by damaging their genes.Also if the parents want to design their babies, the babies don't have a choice but to be design.They should not be designed, unless it is to prevent a genetic disease or medical conditions, because then their will be a separation between the babies who were born genetically and the babies who were design.The design babies will be smarted than the other babies,therefore some people will start to divide the babies by classes…show more content…
Some people are for designer babies because they can prevent their unborn babies to not inherit a genetic disease or medical condition by doctors implanting selected embryos on the mother’s egg.”Some couples are not able to have children because their children will have a genetic disease and die before they are born or when they are very young (“Rights and Wrongs”).” The couples by having this fear they wouldn't want to have a baby because they wouldn't want their baby to inherit that disease and some of the disease wouldn't let the baby live long so some of the couples don't have a baby because of this reason and by designing their baby they wouldn't have to worry about the disease and not living a short period of time because by implanting selected embryos also increases the baby's life span.By curing the disease by doing PGDthe doctors are providing the baby to live a long life(“Designer Babies”).”The increased ability to control and manipulate embryos presents many possibilities for improving the health of children through prenatal diagnosis...”, and even though it improves the health of the baby later it will cause problems, “...but these possibilities are coupled with potential social repercussions that could have negative consequences in the future”(“Ethics Of Designer Babies” by Sarah Keywords).Furthermore, the people who are for designer babies are the couple who want a baby with a specific genre;for example,a couple already has boys in the family so they

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