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Opposing Designer Babies Michael Catalano,The Prospect of Designer Babies: Is it Inevitable?, Rahul Thadani, The public should oppose Designer Babies, and Rebecca T. Dubrow, Designer Babies and the Pro-choice movement. Designer babies is a process of altering babies for enhancement or to eliminate genetic diseases. This process is perilous and unpredictable of what happens with your child after eliminating some of the genes.It may demolish some specific genes for future and increase the gap between social classes. Children are considered as post-human because they are better than everyone else.The public should oppose designer babies because it is immoral and unethical to our society to design a baby for it’s perfection. It is unethical to choose a specific trait for a baby and play God. Designing a baby is like buying designer products because designer…show more content…
Designing your own baby is expensive. It can cost you more than $180,000 leaving only wealthy citizens afford it and take advantage of this process. The price of it being so expensive are causing many problems. Since the price of it is too high not only the wealthy people are taking advantage of it but are also being physically attractive and intelligent because you are chosen to be genetically perfect by your parent. It is hard for poor people to survive because there is always the genetically engineered child on lead because no doubt he is physically more equipped than everyone. “ Having children that are already more equipped for life then lower class citizens intensifies the gap between rich and poor even more, making it more difficult for the poor to not only survive, but also strive” (Tesia, 3). Genetic engineering increases the difference between the social classes. Poor people have to strive but are not able to survive because of the pressure of being left behind and not be a perfect self-made

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