Physician Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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Physician-assisted suicide is one of the most controversial subjects faced by today’s society for the terminally ill. Some terminally ill people would like to have the option to determine when and how they die, while others feel it is wrong no matter the health condition. With physician-assisted suicide it is the doctor’s responsibility to educate the patient on their final options, provide valid information regarding their terminal illness, and provide the prescription for the lethal of medicine that will ultimately end the patient's life. The patient then wouldl have the option to self-administer the medication should they decide their illness has reached a point where they no longer want to live. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was an advocate…show more content…
The patient must prove he or she is a current resident within the three states. Two physicians must determine if the criteria has been met. The physician has to be licensed to practice within the same state as the patient. The diagnosis must be certified by a consulting physician, who can certify the patient is mentally competent to make and communicate their health care decisions.. If either of the two physicians determine that the patient’s judgement is impaired, the patient must undergo a psychological exam. It is the responsibility of the attending physician to advise the patient of alternative options such as pain management, hospice, and palliative care. The attending physician must request the patient to notify the next-of-kin that they requested medication which will end their life. To better safeguard the patient and physician, patients must establish a timeline before the prescription can be received. A verbal request for the medication must be made to the physician twice, each request separated by 15 days. A written request witnessed by two people who are not primary caretakers or family members must be given to the attending physician. A 48 hour waiting period is required before the prescribed medication can be picked up. The requesting patient must self-administer and/or inject the prescribed life ending

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