The Legacy Passage By Chittister's The Twilight Time

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I have chosen to discuss the Legacy passage by Chittister as it speaks to me. As I grow older I have started to ask myself the same questions, what will my legacy be? I have rustled with the thought of how I will be remembered, will it be for the things I have achieved in my life or things that I have physically gained and was able to leave behind or how I touched somebody and left a feeling or memory behind that will be remembered as my enduring legacy. Chittister dives into this subject of our legacy and what it may mean to us and she gives us her thoughts and poses thought provoking questions to the reader. As an afterword she shares her view of ‘The Twilight Time’ which for me is heartwarming and for what I believe to be truthful thoughts. Chittister starts this chapter of her book by bringing up the heaviness of a subject for people that have passed without knowing their identities. With their unknown status, what can become of their legacy? She uses the examples of unknown soldiers and unclaimed bodies that are…show more content…
Working from her definition of immaterial legacy I will now for the remainder of this document only speak on this subject as immaterial. She speaks to our legacy as the quality of the lives that we are leaving behind for others to remember regardless if we mean to leaves these traces of memories behind. We will be remembered with what we left behind, the good, the bad, and the ugly will be our forever legacy. I personally want to be remembered for all of my good that I have done but I do know that I have done some things that were not right and I will be remembered for these things by some. At this point of my life, I do recognize this and I have been striving to leave more of my good than bad behind. I want to be able to put a smile of somebody’s face or maybe even laugh out loud when they think of me, especially my

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