Persuasive Essay: My Life In Today's Life

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This past month went so quick. I am officially Emma Barnes, Sam hurt his arm. Been painting a lot. Thanksgiving is coming up and they want us to go have it with Sam. I don’t know. I am finding a lot of excuses to not go over there and wanting to be alone. When I have my talks with betty I don’t like when I talk about the past. Makes me feel sad, why can’t I just ignore it and move on? I avoid people’s eyes and hide behind my paintings or the pretend smile. Jill really wants to go to thanksgiving at Sam’s so I will probably go. Today I stood there for the longest time. In the mirror, just looking. Betty has been talking with me and so has Jill about coming into womanhood and how it is going to be different for me than regular girls. Usually girls will get their cycles and be into boys, I’m stuck in this time…show more content…
I don’t have a vested interest in boys. I don’t want to kiss; I don’t want to hug. I only hugged Sam, that I didn’t mind. That broke my heart when I saw that bandage around his arm. I would be so lost if I lost Sam or Jill. When I saw the cast it felt like my heart dropped. I wish it had been me instead of him, I deserve to suffer, is what SHE said. I kept looking at myself but I didn’t see me. I saw that bedroom like hey talked about at court. I saw me hiding in the closet, kind of like my life now but different I hide behind clothes I hide how sad I am, only Jill knows the truth. Sometimes I let my guard down and tell Sam some stuff and he doesn’t mind. He just sits there and once in a while he touches my hand and we can just sit. I need that the sitting part and staring off let my mind decompress. I feel stuck in this place. I still when I need down time go into closet, my steady he is my most best friend. He hid me for so long, allowing HER to forget me. Maybe people would be better off to forget me. Maybe I was never supposed to be and all of this is for nothing. I woke up on Thanksgiving Day and there was

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