Fishing Cats Research Paper

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The Prionailurus Viverrinus also known as the fishing cat is an endangered animal. It’s like a cat but bigger with a powerful body. Fishing cats have a long, stocky body, relatively short legs, a broad head, round ears, and a short tail. It has short and coarse fur that is olive-grey color and patterned with solid black spots. The male ranges from about 25 pounds and the female 15 pounds. They love water and are strong swimmers. Fishing cats are independent around ten months. They are nocturnal. Male fishing cats help with care and supervision of the young. There are two subspecies of fishing cats. One of only four cats that cannot retract their claws. The fishing cat is scattered over the Asian sub-continent and Southeast Asia. They are mostly found in Asia. Fishing cats have a densely vegetated area near water, in marshes, mangroves, rivers, and streams type of ecosystem. Their diet includes birds, snakes, small mammas, snails, and of course fish. They also eat rodents, lizards, wild pigs, and dogs. The way they get their food is that with the paw he taps the water’s surface and then it dives into the water to catch the fish. They use their webbed paws to scoop fish, frogs, and other prey. Fishing cats are powerful enough to take large prey, such as calves and other animals.…show more content…
Over time they have lost water supply because most of the wet areas and lakes are being destroyed. People drained many of their wetland areas to be able to make room for farms and roads. Their food is also being lost because of humans killing their prey. The industries are polluting the streams and rivers and poising them. Their habitats are being polluted and People hunt fishing cats for their fur and their meat. They sell their fur and eat them. Most animals are hunted for sport but the fishing cat isn’t. Fishing cats are hunted for exotic pet

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