Integrative Approaches To Psychology And Christianity Summary

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A Review of Entwistle’s Text: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity The textbook, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David N. Entwistle (2010) a person is tested to understand if psychology and Christianity can co-exist in the same room. Not only in the same room but working intertwine with one another to meet the same goal in helping humanity. But psychology is a science and Christianity is a religion, so how can they co-exist. Entwistle (2010, p.9) talks about how the textbook is written to create the integration of psychology and Christianity with the right amount of attention to the world issues, philosophical underpinnings, and models of integration. Entwistle’s theme for the book is set forth by…show more content…
Entwistle (2010) discusses the trail of Galileo Galilei, where the church made him recant his view that the earth revolves around the sun. So why would not the science community be at odds against the church and Christianity. When Darwin made his theory of evolution, it had the Christian community in an up roar. First Entwistle had to discuss if science and Christianity were either allies or enemies, which he concludes that throughout time they have been both and the Christian worldview paved the way for science (Entwistle, 2010, p. 48). With this view people can take away how the church made the way for science. If this is the case then people can start to understand how psychology and theology can be…show more content…
This includes doing what others did to fit in. I would be religious when the people where religious or being secular when those friends where, just like spy. Even when people were mad not at me, I would want to fix them because I believed it was because of me. I could not stand it to feel like someone rejected me or just plain did not like me. I brought this into my marriage and it was killing it. I would try and fix my wife’s issues even when I did not cause them. When I realize what I was doing, (being a spy) I need to change. I knew this was not right and I need to figure out where it stemmed from. I have since then forgave my father and he did not even know that he had done this. Since then changing has helped me tremendously and I only care what God thinks about me. I know that I live for Christ now and I work as if I am working for Him. I also working with my wife, trying not to let one of our children feel more or less love than the other. I tell them I love them and play with them equally so that they do not end having to go through what I did.

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