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Outline Topic: Is Gregor more human, or more bug? Pick three instances that demonstrate how Gregor’s actions and personality are either more in line with a human, or more in line with a bug. I: Introduction a. Getting up early in the morning can be a hassle, what is even worse is waking up to the fact that you have been transformed into a bug. In this case, this idea was explored through the absurdist fiction novel The Metamorphosis, written by Franz Kafka. b. Throughout the story, it is seen that the protagonist's mental state begins to alter along with his physical form, to adapt to his new life; despite this, there are several scenes in the novel that shows his struggle to remain human at heart. II: Supporting Paragraph a. Gregor shows humane characteristics and is concerned for his family and questions how he will sustain their finances. b. The first thought he has when waking up a bug is, how he will pay off his parents’ debt, getting to work, and his perfect attendance. III: Supporting Paragraph a. Although he lacks animalistic impulses, Gregor’s family shows…show more content…
Although he went through this terrifying transformation under one night, he unusually lacks any concern for himself, rather, more concern for his family. Since Gregor is worried that he would not be able to sustain his family’s financials because of his new form, he goes off into a tirade. In one of his rants, he says, “Well, there's still some hope; once I've got the money together to pay off my parents' debt to him - another five or six years I suppose - that's definitely what I'll do (Kafka 3).” This defining trait of selflessness is prominent in him throughout the book, it is not common to see a house bug being concerned for their family’s well-being. As Gregor attempts to go through his regular morning routine to work, he is constantly interrupted by his worried parents, then finally his boss, who warns him of breaking his perfect

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