Personal Narrative: The Yellow Parallel Channels

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This young little girl has came upon her choices to choose between two or more choices. Of course she chose the most enjoyable thing for her and her mother's daycare. One day a monstrous thing happened at the playground it was very amusing. She probably didn’t think before she has done. When kids don’t think before they do which is all the time, something often happens. For example, something they think is funny but actually hurts another one’s feelings. People sometimes don't realize what they have actually done until their friend, parent, teacher, or student shows affection.Their reaction will be very contused. Although she was suffering through her pain it took awhile to mend back again. Two parallel bars can do quite a lot to you. She had found out that she broke her radius in half, and took months and months to repair.…show more content…
One day, my mother Jessica Little had taken us to a place all kids love. If one kid hated it, he isn't a true kid. We started out walking to Hopkins elementary school to entertain us at the playground. We decided to play hide n’ go seek then tag. Later on in the day we got bored, then one of my friends name emily thought of a game we should play called “Chicken”. Emily said “ This is how you play… we use these two yellow parallel bars and u have to jump over them and then from there on you play tag.” everyone played it and had a blast! Then Emily and I wanted to see who can do the most cool tricks on the parallel bars so we had a competition. One after another we did something different. There I was hanging upside down I said “ Mommy! Mommy! look what I can do!!!”. Then she looked as I was falling, she instantly knew that I broke my arm. She got up and ran to me as I was sobbing in tears. She gathered all of her daycare kids and we walked back to the

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