The Day Idele Analysis

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The following afternoon, Percival, Gwaine, and Leon turned up at Adele’s cottage with a sturdy pine table and four chairs. “Thank you for all this,” she said, as she laid a dark blue tablecloth over her new piece of furniture, “but please, this is it.” “One more thing,” said Gwaine. “You need that roof fixed. The thatch by the smoke hole is too thin and if it isn’t repaired, half the roof could give way the next time it rains. One of my many talents is that I happen to be an expert thatcher. It’s how I earned money for my family when I was young.” “Full of surprises, aren’t you?” said Percival. Idele appeared flustered. “Oh, all right. But you must allow me to repay you in some way.” “I know exactly how you can repay me. Will you pickle

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