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I partially agree with Mills' implied opinion that people should live with less for the sake of the environment, better relationships, and eliminating nonessentials, but we are so technologically advanced that people have become accustomed to the safety, convenience, and pleasure that stems from modern day technology. Stephanie Mills is an activist and an author who focuses her concern on environmental and social issues that affect the lives of people, and in this case addressing the simple question "Could You Live with Less?". Mills discusses aspects of her home that prove her simplistic lifestyle to persuade the reader that living with less can be more. For example, we assume that since Mills is an author, she would have some type of computer…show more content…
Her first and most critical reason that she believes people should live with less is the irreversible affect technology has on the planet. She states "My strongest motivation for living the way I do is my knowledge, deep and abiding, that technology comes at a serious cost to the planet and most of its people." (pg. 462) She describes the negative affects on the planet from the burning of fossil fuels which include but are not limited to changing the Earth's climate, affecting the reproductive systems of the wildlife, and of humans. She feels that since she is not contributing to this horrifying reality that she is accomplishing the most important luxury worth having. She also likes the feeling of self accomplishment which she shows by stating "But the more of it I do myself, the more I can brag to my city friends." (pg. 462). She is implying that doing things for yourself can make you feel better. Along with the feeling of accomplishment she also gets her daily dose of fresh air in the winter by going out to get fire wood. "But the more I do myself, the more I can brag to my city friends." (pg. 462). Since she does not have central heat she likes the feeling of doing things for herself and the reminder of her simple life outside the…show more content…
I feel weird when I leave the house without it, and my whole day is thrown off. Having the world at my fingertips, literally, is something that I have become very accustomed to. If I am in trouble help is just a phone call away. If I get lost I have a navigating system built into my phone. My personal computer is something I use everyday for homework, research, and even recreation. Giving these up may better myself, and the world around me but it would definitely not be easy. I agree with Mills that we should not be dependent on technology for relationships, knowledge, or even to keep us warm in the winter. Because technology does not always work. I believe that everyone should be able to live without technology. I believe that everyone should take care of the planet we live on, But I believe there are many ways to play your part in eliminating harm to the environment. Even if you don’t give up life as you know

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