Personal Narrative-She's Faded Bar

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She can hear the thud of her heart beating in her ears, as a result of her drowning thoughts elevating her shot nerves. Suddenly, she realizes only three judges and her own lifting abilities stand between her and her goals, and she refuses to let anyone or anything get in her way and stop her from accomplishing her goal of lifting twice her own weight. Ultimately, for other experienced power lifters this weight is nothing but practice, yet for her this is a breakthrough once achieved. Others tell her she will amount to nothing, on the contrary she intends to prove them all wrong by doing what others say she can not. Rather calm now, she is sitting down getting her knees wrapped by her Powerlifting boyfriend, with tight elastic straps to…show more content…
She finds the middle sitting judge before her, he nods indicating that the bar is properly plated with two forty fives and a five on each side of the already forty five pound bar. She then wobbles onto the platform, steadies herself by bracing onto the bar, then swings underneath to flip her hair around and over so that the bar rests on top for her upper Trapezius, otherwise known to be where her neck and shoulders meet. She smoothly elevates the loaded bar, then shakily steps backwards to take her practiced stance with her shoulders back, feet wide apart, and core tout. Immediately before squatting, she must steady herself so that the middle call judge, a short, stocky man with metal framed glasses, announces for her to squat while making a sit down motion with his hand. Then, she slowly breathes in one last calming breath before descending into a sitting position. The hamstrings of her strong legs just breaking parallel with the grimy floor, to accomplish a marvelous…show more content…
She reaches a small plateau where her legs fight against the exhausting weight she is lifting. Then slowly, her legs propel her upright with the last burst of effort she had. Next, her right knee locks into place, while the left knee dramatically twitches and with an audible pop, solidifies straight. With a red face and veiny neck, she stands with two hundred thirty five pounds compressing her closer to the earth by sitting on her elfin shoulders. She finally makes the exhausting stand, but her challenging fight is not over. The call judge refusing to let her rack the weight crushing down on her narrow frame. Finally, after what she believes to be an eternity, though actually only a split second goes by, he raises his hand, creating a come here motion, gesturing for her to rack the

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