Personal Narrative: Surviving Vietnam

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Back in the days the dinosaurs was still roaming the earth, you know the early 70s. I was just back from Vietnam and was doing duty at Ft. Sill OK as a Drill Sgt. As you can imagine we saw all kinds of people from all walks of life and after 40 years only a few stand out in my mind and Pvt Small is one of them. I was very serious about my job training new troops it was a time when Vietnam was still going hot and heavy and the training was imperative to keep these young men alive Vietnam was no joke. We lost 55000 men during that war I didn’t want one of the ones I trained die for something I failed to teach them . Pvt Small was a different trainee, he was a large man with a bible in his hand at all times .I assumed he was a very religious person and tried to accommodate him the best I could.…show more content…
She counselled him and for the most part he trained well for the rest of basic training at the end of training when the trainees were given a little more freedom He turned his religious conviction for a yearning to be a doctor, his first weekend pass I ended up picking him up from the base hospital where he was walking around pretending to be a doctor. Fortunately he didn’t speak to any patients only a couple

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