Personal Narrative: A Day At Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

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While still swimming in my mother’s womb undoubtedly, is the first time I went to church; dad and mom faithfully attended Holy Trinity Orthodox Church which was a mile east of the farm our family lived on, at the time of my birth. Warm memories rush over me when I reflect back on my early childhood and recall the impact my parents reverence for God and church attendance had on me. I felt dad presented a different persona when he attended church; appearing to enjoy churches rituals and services immensely. Dad, frequently bought two candles upon entering the church, then lighting them; placed them in the candle stand. Observing this ritual, on one occasion, I asked my dad what the candles signified. He responded somberly, “They represent a memorial, and prayers of thanksgiving for my mom and dad.” I remember one particular Sunday when we experienced a great deal of rain in our area, the roads a muddy gumbo, impossible to maneuver a car on. And because the priest who was responsible for our parish was a circuit priest, meaning, he was responsible…show more content…
The ritual is based on several Old Testament examples of the Israelites standing, frequently, in reverence of God. The service normally lasted two hours, unless it was a special service such as Easter, then it would last four or five hours. During services, a deep sense of safety fell over me standing in church with my earthly father, while looking at the altar in front of me displaying a picture of Jesus surrounded by his sheep while holding one of the lambs wrapped in a blanket in His arms. And also gazing up, mesmerized, by the beautiful chandelier and painted ceiling with angels and saints dancing overhead. I felt with God above me and dad beside me and Jesus in front of me, this was the securest place, for me in the entire

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