Personal Narrative: My Trip To Wayne National Forest

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Although the scenery was pleasant, my car ride to Wayne National Forest was no picnic. I can attribute most of that to my stepsister, Mariah. Since we’re the same age, most people expect that we would get along well, but we couldn’t be more different. When I met Mariah, we got along okay. Well, as best as you can expect siblings to get along. As we got older, Mariah and I grew apart. She started to hang out with the popular crowd, and I stayed the same shy person I had always been. As Mariah grew more popular, she also grew more snobby. The bond we had once shared grew thin as we began to disagree more and more. Our parents have gotten tired of our constant fighting, and decided that we needed to learn how to get along. They think this trip…show more content…
“You’re going to trip and fall, that’s what’s wrong,” I said. “Here, I have an extra pair of shoes in the trunk.” I grabbed the beaten-up sneakers and tossed them to Mariah. While I was I the trunk, I figured I could grab the bag I had brought. When I picked it up, I realized my water bottle was missing. I rummaged around, trying to find it. Where could I have put it? I wondered. Suddenly, my hand connected with something. Ah-ha! I emerged, grinning, from the trunk. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived. My water bottle dropped out of my hand, rolling out of sight. I sighed and walked forward to retrieve it. That was a big mistake. Before I could take two steps forward, I tripped over a tree root, falling flat on my face. “Having some trouble?” Mariah asked mockingly. I glared at her, grabbing my water and dusting myself off. “Oh come on, Avery, don’t you know how to take a joke?” “Let’s just go,” I snapped, ignoring her jibe. The peace of the woods seemed to ward off all conversation for a while. I glanced over towards Mariah, making sure she didn’t get too far behind me. We’d been hiking for about an hour now, and Mariah had already taken three breaks, and almost gotten lost once. I looked around, admiring the vibrant

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