Rudeness At The Movies By Bill Wine Summary

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While Bill Wine focuses his attention on moviegoers, similar observations might be made about people behaviors at the mall. In “Rudeness at the Movies”, Bill Wine explains the unpleasant behavior of people at the movie theater. Bill Wine describes in his dream that people were acting obnoxiously. First, Bill Wine exaggerates saying that there was a man sitting in front of him two inches taller than the Jolly Green Giant. Bill Wine mentions that people like to go to concerts and sport games and all they do is scream and yell, because the environment at the games or concerts allows and encourages them to be loud and noisy; however, when they are in a movie theater they want to act the same way as if they were at a sport game or concert, but they…show more content…
Nowadays people at a mall can be annoying and frustrating. The most annoying thing at a mall is when moms are walking in the mall with a stroller and their phone, they are not even looking if they are going in the right way, they are stepping and pushing other people with their stroller, just like Bill Wine exaggerates on his dream, moms are just running over people, but they won’t leave their phone. Second, kids around the age of three or four years old are frustrating because they don’t listen to their moms and they are just running all over the place, bumping in to people and even making them fall. One time that I went to the mall, I was walking and a kid that was running away from his parents, he bumped into me and made me drop my ice cream, I was so mad. And lastly, when the girls or guys are on their phone and not looking around to see if there is people coming, it’ a chaos when the mall is crowded and people still on their phone texting and walking. It’s like when people are driving on the freeway and there is a lot of traffic, bumper to bumper, and people don’t pay attention because they are on their phone and they crash. People should be more conscious, be aware of their surroundings and know how to act depending on the public space that they

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