Personal Narrative: My Trip To California

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Do you think you’ve seen a big fish? Whatever you saw, it wasn’t big like the one that I saw when I was five. My grandmother was taking me on a trip to and around Oregon, a state I had never been to when I was five years old. It all started while we were in Oregon, driving along the beautiful blue waters of the Columbia in Oregon’s vibrant green temperate rainforest. I was exceptionally excited about, what I saw as, our great adventure through an unknown area. My grandpa was driving. The drive was from Spokane, WA, to Seaside, Oregon, with all the stops in Oregon. I had lost most of my excitement after the first few hundred miles. The road had been the same for a while, and Gram, my grandma, was still oohing and ahhing at big trees that looked the same as trees we had seen 50 miles ago. Every now and then, I would look up from my very important and difficult dinosaur hide…show more content…
“ “Curtis, I know what you’re doing, and stop that.” “Ok, sorry Gram,” I said. We pulled up to this new place and then walked around a little, while looking in cold, grey, concrete pools at little baby fish that I did not care about. I wanted to look at the big fish. Next to a big pond with big fish, there were machines that were selling fish food. We bought some food and fed the fish. They fed like piranhas that hadn’t eaten in weeks. Ten would break the surface of the water for each piece of food we threw in. When we ran out of food and moved to the next pool, I realized the whole place smelled like the fish food that they were selling out of those machines! “Graaaam! You said there were really big fish! Where are the really big fish!?” I whined. “Don’t worry Doll, you’ll get to see them. If we follow the fish on the sidewalk, we’ll find them,” Gram said trying to keep me

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