Personal Narrative: My Social Movement

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My social movement will be technology based thing, we have the media, the newspaper, TV, the telephone, and the internet, but I think the next big thing will be the creation of a bio techno medical system which will grant the ability to preserve life forever. Having the ambition to organize doesn’t guarantee that we has people will do so successfully? So I also ask, “What sources of power are available to disadvantaged people? What strategies and tactics do movements employ? How important are strikes, boycotts, demonstrations, sit-ins, music, and the mass media? What is the relationship of protest movements to conventional politics — elections, political parties, voting, lobbying, and so on? How do activists and movements balance the tension…show more content…
Any organization that can verify millions of card carrying members has much more political influence on Congress, and legislation, than an organization with members in the thousands or hundreds. Organizations (and) social movements gain power through legislation. The more potential voters an organization has, the greater the voice in influencing members of Congress, and Congressional committees. Money plays a key factor. The more money generated through donations, the more funding available to get support, and new members, through advertising. Money also is used to help finance candidates running for office who are supportive and favorable for my movement. We must educate ourselves so that we don’t become victims of this generation. We must pass along the lessons which we have learned in our lifetime, to our children. Although different views exists, on how to fight injustice and inequality, we must resolve those issues and stand up for what is right. After all, don’t we all want equality? There were many people who were famous for the Civil Rights Movement like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcom X, The Black Panthers and the list goes on. But it was the work of everyone who stood up for their rights that really made the change. They stood together for a cause of equality with each
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