Personal Narrative: My Leadership

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One situation I had that demonstrated my leadership, was when I volunteered to plan a party for a book review on Rick Riordan's books. We had everything planned for the party so everybody could have fun. Instead we hit a snag where everything did not go as planned, and the kids came too early. So my team and I had to improvise with the time and the people. We made up games to play to keep the kids entertained, while some of my team members were setting up the scavenger hunt. Eventually we got everything in place while we kept the kids entertain and was able to get back on schedule and have fun. What I'm trying to say is that I always plan ahead, but if things don't go as planned, I improvise. I try not to freak out that everything is on schedule, rather I make an alternate plan or improvise so whatever is planned can still go on.…show more content…
I have been volunteering at the library since seventh grade. My work at the library is reading to little kids, signing up kids to the summer reading program, volunteering to coordinate events for the library. I also organize books in the library so adults and children alike can easily find their books. What makes my day is when I see little kids smile proud at the fact that they finish the certain amount of books they are supposed to read to get their prize for the summer reading program. I like helping out with events at the library like Neighborhood day where everybody has fun. I love to read and love helping people who want to read. I chose to volunteer at the library, the minute I found out you could volunteer there because I got to be around books everyday but also help find their own pleasure in reading

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